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Truly being in the kitchen with me is an adventure. Ordinary? I don’t know. I guess you’ll have to decide! Messy? Probably more likely! I’m not your typical chef, whipping up a delicious storm with little mess & mishaps. Ask my friends – or my husband. Flour dustings, egg splats, & flying spatulas. Not to mention I have a knack for getting hurt in the kitchen. In all this, I LOVE being in the kitchen & am often left laughing at the small catastrophes I get myself into. I love to forget about recipes (and the measuring cup) and come up with my own thing or play around with the recipes I do have. I truly am thankful for the recipes that have been meticulously passed down over the generations & the convenience in which we can find yummy recipes online, but I’m also likely to take my family (& you) on some new adventures too. So join me in the kitchen…if you dare!

A Full Spice Cabinet: 15 Seasonings To Start With

My husband and I recently moved from a small one-bedroom apartment to a two-bedroom to make room for our little boy coming in the spring (his arrival is becoming even more of a reality!). To my mom’s surprise, as she helped me move my kitchen over to the new place, she found my spice cupboard full to overflowing. Yes, that’s me! I love seasonings; I wouldn’t be able to live without them, and I use them quite generously in my cooking and baking. I love having variety in my cupboard as well – to be able to try out that…