A Magical Wedding

ANDREW & SUSANNA ~ February 20th, 2015

Signing the Marriage License after the Rehearsal

Signing the Marriage License after the Rehearsal the Night Before

Friday morning, February, 20th, 2015, arrived for me with a house full of girls, ones I was delighted would be by my side for the rest of the day. The wedding ceremony wasn’t until 6:30 p.m., so we didn’t rush out of the house. I spent some time with the Lord and basked in the fact that it was really, actually the day I was getting married. Is this even real? But it was. God had brought me to this moment in my life and His special touches of love were all over it.

10:00 a.m. brought the first blur of activity as we headed to the church and hair began being done, make-up applied, and casual clothes exchanged for wedding attire. Bridesmaid pictures were at 1:00 p.m., and you know how long it takes for girls to get ready. 😉

Getting Ready Collage


Getting Ready

Whenever I thought about getting married growing up, I thought picking your bridesmaids must be one of the hardest decisions of a wedding. However, when I came to my moment of deciding – to my surprise, it was simple who I would most want with me on my wedding day. I had my three sisters as my bridesmaids (and one of them as my maid-of-honor; Laura has been one of my closest friends since the time I moved into her bed at three years old!) and three oldest nieces. I couldn’t have been happier with my decision. Andrew had two brothers and four close friends who he was honored would be a part of his day.

The Bridal Party


The Bridal Party

Some Silly Ones

Some Silly Ones

Some Sweet Ones

Some Sweet Ones

My dad passed away in July of 2009, so I had the special privilege of my Mom walking me down the aisle. I certainly had tearful moments leading up to my wedding wishing my daddy could have seen me on this day, but I wouldn’t have traded those precious moments with my mom for the world.

My mom and I <3

My mom, Catherine DeSota, and I

The day was full of pictures, preparations, laughs, cries, memorable moments, and more, but finally 6:30 p.m. arrived. Soft snow was coming down by then. Candlelight. Twinkling lights. Sparkles everywhere. The music beginning. A bride and groom so in love. Four months after engagement and here we were ready to say, “I do.” Nervous tingles (very happy nervous tingles) went up and down my spine as the music began to play that signaled the bridal procession, and then, the song for me to walk down the aisle to my groom.

Andrew and I wanted to be a bit old-fashioned, so yes, this is our first kiss.

Andrew and I Wanted To Be a Bit Old-fashioned, So Yes, This Is Our Very First Kiss

Andrew and I had spent hours planning our ceremony and deciding what was most important to us. We had wanted a fairly traditional wedding, but with meaningful nontraditional elements as well. Even with all our moments of planning, we couldn’t have expected the beauty that would fill that night. We sensed God’s presence and Him making our wedding more meaningful, memorable, and joyful than we ever could have.

I Have Found The One Whom My Soul Loves. ~ Song of Solomon 3:4

(Andrew and I were blessed to have a good friend as a photographer. She did an amazing job. All photography credits go to Texture Photography.)





Our wedding was magically perfect for Andrew and I. It was the day that forever Andrew and I will look back on as the day we pledged our lives to one another and be reminded to walk in that cherishing, forever love that we seriously and joyfully promised to each other on that beautiful February evening.

A Few Wedding Close-Ups

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