It’s Looking A Lot Like…

It’s looking a lot like…A sweet little baby boy is about to make his way into our home!

As Andrew or I look around our apartment, there are little (and big) evidences almost everywhere that a little person is about to make his way into our home. 🙂 Andrew and I are getting more and more excited as our baby boy grows bigger and it gets closer to his due date! I’m 35 weeks (36 on Friday!); he could arrive anytime in the next few weeks!

Adorable Puma Shoes Someone Gave Us - Every time I see them, I imagine little feet!

Adorable Puma shoes someone gave us – every time I see them, I imagine the little feet that are going to fill them!

Throughout the months the reality of having a baby has gotten more real. In February, Andrew and I moved to a two-bedroom apartment to make room for our little guy. When we first moved, we started getting baby stuff that before we just didn’t have the space for. Knowing that extra room we have now is for a little someone and seeing it slowly fill with stuff to take care of him has a way of making your heart happy! 🙂

A few weeks ago my mom hosted a family and friends baby shower for me; and this last week the ladies of our church hosted another shower for me. Andrew and I have been overwhelmed by others’ generosity and love as we start parenthood. It’s crazy to me how much stuff you add to your house when you are having a baby, even when you try to simplify! We are so blessed and thankful for the support and help of others!

We are stocked up!

We are stocked up!

After last week’s shower, our little home was taken to the next level of ready. Andrew and I excitedly opened up packages on Thursday night and set up our baby boy’s bassinet next to our bed (where he will be snugly staying for the first several months of his life at least, before he moves to his own room).


I decided to decorate the baby’s room in a sailing theme. As I was thinking about decor, the verse “We have this as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul (speaking of Jesus, Hebrews 6:19a)” kept being on my mind. Andrew and my desire for our little boy is that he would find JESUS to be His source of security, salvation, and strength as He grows up into a man. Here’s a little tour of his room:



The anchor and lifesaver canvas I found at Hobby Lobby (one of my all time favorite stores!) as well as the funky dog photo and frame below. 🙂 The epic ship I found on ebay for $12, and it’s a vintage from 1972!


I found this antique dresser on Craig’s List for $50! It’s gorgeous and sturdy and almost 100 years old!


With this being our only extra bedroom it is functioning as baby’s room and office right now too:



I enjoy fixing up old furniture. I painted and waxed this piece a few weeks ago (in the last picture above). In the middle of a project, I always freak out, and think, “Why again did I do this?” Every project does take a chunk of time and being the one in charge always make me nervous knowing it will be my fault if it doesn’t turn out. 🙂 So far, my fixer up projects have gone pretty well, and in the end, I’m really thankful I took the time to do them. I got this night stand at a consignment shop near me for $20! It was a great price and sturdy piece of furniture, but it needed a bit of work. I already had latex paint and plaster of paris to make chalk paint, so I was able to quickly make it look cute for the baby’s room and as a stand for the printer – for a fantastic price!


I cannot wait to walk in this room carrying a sweet baby boy to the dresser for a diaper change, to play on the floor with some toys, or to look at a toddler peacefully sleeping in his crib (or maybe not so peacefully sleeping; we’ll see! 😉 ). In just a few weeks, you may be seeing a post announcing our baby’s arrival! Until that time, I’ll keep relishing the moments of anticipation and thanking God for his gifts of love to us.


I thought this was an appropriate card to put next to the diaper changing station. 🙂

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