Colorado Vacation 2016 (and Cute Oakley Pictures)

On the 21st of October, Andrew and I headed for Colorado. We had been looking forward to this vacation for months, so we were pretty excited that it was finally here! Not only was Colorado the place where we both went to a Christian discipleship school (at separate times)ย that greatly impacted both of our lives, but it was also the place WHERE WE MET!!! Colorado holds a special place in our hearts to say the least. This time we were going back for our first big vacation since being married, our first vacation ever with Oakley, and to go to a mini reunion in the Rockies with a lot of the students that Andrew went to school with. Here’s a sneak peak into our vacation and some gorgeous Colorado scenery!


We’re excited! Heading for the airport!


In the airplane. Oakley’s first plane ride!

Oakley had a little bit of a rough night on our way to Denver. Travels can be hard on little people! When we got to the airport, it would of been Oakley’s normal nap time, but he was too busy looking at all the new people and things around him. He was so overtired, poor guy, by the time we got on the plane, so he was screaming for a while and wouldn’t eat. Oakley hadn’t exploded his diaper for several days, but wouldn’t you know it, on the airplane in the middle of his cries he exploded up his back. I squeezed my way between the seats to get to the TEENY, TINY bathroom. As I was changing all of his clothes and diaper, we had quite a bit of turbulence. The pilot said everyone should buckle up in their seats, but I couldn’t quite do that at this point in time! I was motion sick, and Oakley started crying louder than before. I picked him up half dressed to comfort him and get through the rough patch. The funny part was every time I picked him up he would smile at himself in the mirror before continuing crying. He was in a very emotional state! I eventually got his diaper changed and got back to our seat, and Oakley finally settled down, ate, and fell asleep for the rest of the trip! I was so thankful!

This little dude handled lot of travel like a trooper...Well, some of the time! :)

This little dude handled lot of travel like a trooper…Well, some of the time! ๐Ÿ™‚ He wasn’t always a fan of being in his car seat!

Windsor, Colorado

Over the weekend we stayed in Windsor, Colorado; while we were there we visited some of our favorite places around Windsor, took pictures in the exact location where we first talked to each other, checked out the new coffee shop in town, and enjoyed catching up with friends!

My little family!

My little family!


Beautiful fall colors!


Taking a walk!

The lake at Ellerslie.

Where the Romance Started ~

Read about our crazy love story, here.


….And as promised, a kiss at the spot where we first talked to each other at a reunion three years ago!!! We brought along our umbrella, so it wouldn’t be too embarrassing for you. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Mommy/son selfie heaven!

I had too much fun taking selfies with Oakley on this trip!!! He sure knows how to smile for the camera. ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t believe how much your love grows for these precious little people that God gives you as a momma. <3 My heart is just wants to burst sometimes!



Estes Park and the Rockies

On Monday, we headed for Estes Park and the YMCA of the Rockies to spend our next four days there for the reunion. We stayed in a beautiful 6 bedroom cabin, had a great time catching up with friends, played lots of volleyball, went on a gorgeous hike, ate lots of good food around a giant table, enjoyed the outdoors, and had encouraging devotional, worship times with everyone!


Heading for the mountains!!!


Estes Park



Oakley sure loves his dad!


The cabin where we stayed called “Blessings” Reunion Cabin!

There were herds of elk everyday where we were staying!

There were herds of elk everyday where we were staying!

It was a bit colder up in the mountains, but still gorgeous weather! Oakley looked like a cutie all bundled up! He survived his first experience of cold weather!


Hike to a Lake in the Mountains

On Thursday evening, we went on a gorgeous hike to a mountain lake. You can’t go to Colorado without experiencing a hike in the mountains! One of my favorite things!!!









We had a wonderful time! And one nice thing about vacation is that as much fun as you have, it makes you even more thankful for home when you get back into your familiar space and crawl back into your big, comfy bed! We’re home again!

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