12 Simple Dates with Your Spouse

Are you up for some romantic dates with your spouse?! I hope you are, because I have some pretty fun ideas coming your way. 🙂 Andrew and I have enjoyed all of these dates in the last year and a half of our marriage, and they have been some of our very favorites. Some of these dates can be done out of your own home (maybe even after you put the kiddos to bed; no babysitter required!). Most of them are low-cost and oh so simple, while at the same time adding that touch of romantic sparkle.

  1. Sleepover! 

    Did you ever think of having a sleepover with your husband?! It’s a blast!!! Pull your mattress into your living room or pile up your blankets and pillows, and settle in for a comfy, cozy night! Wear your jammies, and don’t forget a supply of snacks, your choices of movies and games, and a questionnaire such as this one to get some conversations going! There’s nothing like good sleepover conversations to catch up on life with one another and get your hearts connected! Be vulnerable, get to know quirky things about each other, ask (and answer) some of those deeper heart questions, and get your giggles on. I dare you to see how late you can stay up as an old married couple. 😉

  2. Romantic Scrabble Game Night 

    One of my friends gave us this date idea, and I thought it might be boring, but it actually turned out to be a ton of fun! You might have to stretch the rules a little bit, help each other out more than usual, or think of romantic words unique to your relationship – but those things only make the game more lovey-dovey. Don’t be as worried about getting the most points this time; instead how romantic can you be?! 🙂  Look up a few hints (Google search: romantic words) to get you started, and, remember, only romantic words on this date! 🙂

  3. Ice Cream or Take-out Under the Stars

    What’s more romantic than stargazing?! This is so simple, and yet seriously one of my favorite dates ever! Andrew and I did this several times this last summer after we put Oakley to bed. We took our baby monitor with us and went outside to enjoy each other and the night sky (often even without ice cream or take-out 😉 ). Sometimes the night called for a little silence as we beheld God’s glory in the sky, other times we caught up on each other’s day or got into deeper heart discussions, and sometimes the evening just called for some stargazin’, romance-inspired kisses!

  4. Classic Picnic

    Pack your own food, have an old fashioned picnic basket on hand (second hand shops are a great place to find these for cheap), and spread out your picnic blanket. I often pack a bottle of sparkling juice with fancy wine glasses on the bottom of our picnic basket for an added romantic touch. Find a local refuge or park to picnic at together! *Check out this great picnic basket on Amazon with everything you need included (except the food and drinks of course!).

  5.  Frisbee/Disc Golfing 

    Andrew and I have played disc golf many, many times together! It is one of our favorite active things to do! There are frisbee golf courses all across the United States of varying sizes! What Andrew and I love about it is being able to get outside, be active, improve our game, and enjoy one another with a little healthy competition. We’ve even gotten into good talks, memorized verses, danced, AND read books inbetween baskets! 🙂 The best part about frisbee golf is you golf for free once you have the discs (which you can buy at stores like Walmart or Meijer, sporting goods stores, or online for very cheap depending on what quality you get). Here is a link for more information about the rules and game of disc golf.

  6. “Drive-in” Movie

    Grab your favorite romance movie, snacks, blankets, and a fully-charged laptop. Do movie night in your car, van, or truck in a secluded, romantic location! Just imagine the things that could happen in the backseat of your car! 😀

  7. Barnes and Nobles

    This is one of our favorite cozy go-tos, perfect for rainy, cold, or dreary days! Grab a book, find a corner, read, sip coffee or tea, and twinkle at each other. Done. Nothing more needed!

  8. Ice Skating/Roller Skating

    Few things can feel more romantic, fun, and old-fashioned than grabbing a pair of skates, holding hands (or in some cases hanging on to each other for dear life!), and skating round and round a rink. Expect some laughs, falls, and pure fun as a couple.

  9. Late-night Appetizers or Dessert 

    Instead of a full-fledged $30+ meal, try appetizers or dessert. Some places like Applebee’s give half-off appetizers after 8 p.m. on weeknights and after 9:00 p.m. on weekends. You could have a date for $8 instead of $30 or more and it feels different than normal and special going out later and savoring something simple.

  10. Mystery Shopping and Coffee

    Give each of yourselves $10 and go to a Five Below, Dollar Store, or Supermart. Spread out to opposite sides of the store, give yourselves an allotted time to look around, then switch sides of the store. Buy things that you think your spouse would most like with your $10. Go out for coffee afterwards to present your gifts to each other. This date is a fun way to specifically think about what little things gets your spouse excited (candy, beach toys, grill starter, lingerie??), tests how well you actually know each other, often makes you laugh, and helps you get to know each other better than before.

  11. Walking at a Local Trail, Park or Mall 

    Andrew and I spent many, many hours on walks in our dating season, so we may have an extra dose of a fondness for walking. If you don’t share our fondness, move on to a different idea, but if you do, going for a walk is such a simple way to slow down, enjoy each other’s presence, and catch up with each other. Can I hear an “amen?!” Many a winter evening we have headed for the mall when the outdoor temperatures aren’t as appealing for a walk outside. We don’t buy a thing; we just walk. Set aside times to get out of the house and enjoy a walk with together!

  12. Pampering Night 

    Buy your favorite massage oil or lotion, chocolate, candlelight, and fancy drinks. Make a night of pampering each other. Massages, sweet nothings, atmosphere, and delicious on the taste buds. Sounds like a nice evening to me!

P.S. As an extra idea and a CHRISTMAS GIFT EXTRAVAGANZA (Christmas is right around the corner!!!), choose one of these dates (or some of your personal favorites) for every month of the year and give the gift of 12 preplanned dates to your spouse. Someone actually gave 12 preplanned (& prepaid!) dates to Andrew and I as a wedding present for our first year of marriage; it was one of the BEST GIFTS EVER!!! We so enjoyed every month and eagerly looked forward to the next month’s date! Jenn Lifford, author of the Clean and Scentsible blog, gives great ideas for the 12 months of dates Christmas gift idea and free printables for it too. Check it out!



*Tell me what your favorite ideas are and what dates you are going to try out with your spouse!


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