Hey. Thanks so much for stopping by. My name is Susanna Biddinger, and I love that we can look at life as an adventure! It’s ups and downs, its highs and lows, it’s crazy twists and turns, its ordinary moments, and its impactful ones. I hope you’ll consider sticking around! Enjoy this ordinary, yet crazy, adventure of life with me; learn with me; grow with me, and tell of some adventures of your own in the comments (or shoot me an email).

A Little Bit About Me ~


Why this picture? Well, it’s my favorite! This picture was taken on one of the happiest days of my life when I said “yes” to the most romantic, amazing, stud of a man alive. This is my Andrew Biddinger and I on Lake Michigan having the time of our lives, anticipating what it might look like to spend the rest of our lives together! Boy, am I a lucky girl!!! Andrew and I were happily married in February of 2015 (Look at some of our wedding photos here, and find out how we met in my post Our Love Story.)!

May 5th, 2016 Andrew and I had our first child, our beautiful baby boy, Oakley James. We love being parents and getting to care for this little dude! He adds so much laughter and joy to our lives with his playfulness, smiles, kisses, cuddles, and more.

Now, we are looking forward to meeting his baby sister in April, 2018 and can’t wait to have two little squirts running around our apartment. Kiddos are so precious!!!!! This baby girl we plan on naming Emma Louise after her great-grandma (Irma Louise) who has impacted my life in so many ways.

My greatest adventure ~ There are so many different aspects of our lives, but the biggest aspect for me has to do with Jesus! I grew up in a Christian home. My dad was a pastor. Even though I put my faith in Jesus to rescue me from a life without Him at an early age, when I look back I realize that I learned to play the part a lot and be the good Christian girl that I wanted others to see me as. I definitely did see God working in my life from the time I was young, but it wasn’t until I was thirteen that I felt God especially pursuing me and showing me the motives of my heart. I read a book that challenged me with the question: “Do you know a lot about Jesus or actually KNOW Him?” That hit me hard. Yes, I could answer the questions in Sunday School, but did I really have a personal relationship with God where I knew Him intimately and pursued Him back? Through that nagging question in my heart God began drawing me into a deeper knowledge of Himself, and I began falling in love with Him like never before. I began to feel that my faith in Him was something that was mine – not my parents, not my sibling’s, not my church’s, not my friend’s, but mine. Since then, growing in my knowledge of God and in my life with Him has been the greatest adventure of my life. This is the biggest area where I want to learn and have the greatest need to learn – not just head knowledge but heart knowledge of the One who created me and how He designed me to live.

A few of my favorite things ~

  • coffee shops (cute, unique, family-owned ones are the best!)
  • being outside in the sunshine
  • being with my Love
  • thunderstorms and rain
  • family
  • almost anything active
  • kids
  • music
  • time with Jesus
  • life with Jesus
  • playing the piano
  • conversations with friends
  • good books
  • making a mess in the kitchen

What I Will Be Writing About ~

Many life adventures that I might write about on my blog may include marriage adventures and giving you a little glimpse into how Andrew and I pursue a close, intimate, forever-love marriage (I hope you’ll be encouraged to do the same!). I’d also like to write about the adventures of becoming a first time mom (and probably a second, third, fourth, fifth…), the ordinary life moments that are the building blocks of our lives, spiritual encouragements, why I believe so passionately some of the things that I do, and more. I’d love to see your comments and hear from you, so talk back with me as I write! 🙂

Social Media And Contact ~

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