Water Balloon Hack (No Nozzle Required)!


*P.S. This is a bit of a silly post for my husband.  <3 Comment on, share, and post this video! And try it out too for yourself!

Fourth of July celebrations this year took us to my sister and brother-in-law’s house for some family fun. My 16-year-old niece stayed with Andrew and I over Fourth of July weekend, so we took her back home and stayed for the day. We had a delicious lunchy dinner, complete with cheesy, bacon, and onion stuffed burgers (YUM!), and started the first time ever Fourth of July Olympics. It started off with teams of two competing each other in foosball and pool and rounded off with bean bag tosses, yard darts, and a water balloon toss.

Andrew and I were an awesome team, but I’ll spare you the details on how good (Opps, did I say good?! I meant bad.) we did on this year’s Olympics. Even though our Olympian skills weren’t top notch, Andrew discovered a fun little water balloon hack in the process of preparing for the balloon toss. No hose nozzle required. So as you’re enjoying your summer fun this year, make some quick and easy water balloons with your kiddos or for some Olympian games of your own.

* Use at your own risk! 😀


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