Our LOVE Story (Part 1)

Hang on! Our love story is a little different. I look back and still think it’s a little crazy how Andrew so suddenly came into my life and swept me off my feet, but it is so sweet and beautiful to me as well. I’d given my heart to Jesus and was waiting on His timing for a relationship, and what He did made it unquestionable to me that He was surely bringing a forever kind of love into my life that was His perfect masterpiece for me and for His glory.

Just the beginning –

On September 24, 2013, I traveled 1,252 miles from Grand Blanc, MI to Windsor, CO for a student reunion at a Christian discipleship school I had attended three years earlier.

The day after I arrived I saw Andrew (my man himself) for the first time as he led staff devotions at breakfast. I was impressed then by the love for Jesus I saw in him and by the small glimpse of his heart that I got to see through what he shared. We didn’t actually meet, however, till Sunday night, the 29th, when Andrew and I made it on the same team for many intense games of speed volleyball. I might add here that we ruled the court together! That should have been one of my first clues he was going to be “THE one!” 😉

My week in Colorado and the reunion flew by; besides brief interactions, I barely saw Andrew during my time in Colorado, and I certainly wasn’t thinking about him romantically at this point. I went away from the weekend refreshed and flew back to Michigan, ready for what God had for me at home. Without my knowledge, though, God had begun a work in Andrew’s heart that weekend, especially awakening him to the fact that I might be the girl for him.

What’s more is that this handsome boy in Colorado that I had just met was from MI as well, but God had to fly me those 1,252 miles to meet him. God is wonderfully creative and the best at starting adventures. And this one would be one of the most important adventures of my life. And one of my very, very favorites too! I’m still living it!


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