The Fun Box: Creating Memorable Moments

A few years ago I had the idea of creating a special box for the kids in my life. At that time I was not married and definitely did not have kids of my own, but I was around kids all the time. Growing up as the youngest of seven made it easy for me to quickly become the aunt of 24 nieces and nephews. I loved entertaining them, playing with them, and taking care of them. From that was launched my desire to babysit as a job. From the time I was old enough to, I began watching my nieces and nephews and babysitting for many families that I knew. I had a blast.

I discovered, though, that sometimes moments came along where the children in my life were bored, grumpy, or in need of distraction, the weather was not cooperating with our plans for the day, or it was time for a fun memory to be made! Time for a fun box.

A fun box is a go-to box that is full of activities and ideas of things to do with the children in your life in those needed times. It’s a box that can help you create special moments in the lives of children whether you are a mom, teacher, babysitter, grandparent, nanny, brother, sister, or just someone who finds themselves often hanging out with children and in need of some resources.

You really only need two things:

  1. A box (it could be a plain cardboard box, but I’d suggest something a bit sturdier that is the right size for you and the things you want to put in it)
  2. Fun stuff to go in it

Fun Stuff For A Fun Box ~

The things that go inside of a fun box are ultimately up to you. That can be the unique, creative part about you filling it; no box has to end up the same. Think about things you loved doing as a child. Doing crafts, building with blocks, painting your nails, jump roping, or playing cops and robbers? What kinds of things would your kids enjoy?

If you don’t know where to begin, here is a list of things to start with in your fun box and some ideas of activities to go along with them:

  • Finger puppets – create a puppet show!
  • Crayons and activity books/coloring books – classic fun!
  • Play dough – set up a pretend bakery or restaurant!
  • Chalk – play hopscotch, practice spelling words or math facts with a fun twist, or draw like crazy all over the pavement!
  • Bubbles – colored bubbles are even more memorable!
  • Jump Rope – look up some jump roping rhymes to teach your kids as they jump or remember some from your past!
  • Mental puzzles, Rubik’s Cubes, or pinball type games – these are great for a little concentrated entertainment!
  • Beads and string – make some jewelry!
  • A book of jokes or riddles – sit down for a laugh or use up all your brain power!
  • Balloons – what child doesn’t love blowing up balloons and hitting them around the room! Race to hit one over the finish line, compete by not letting it hit the ground, or tie a balloon to each of your ankles and see who can pop everyone else’s balloons the fastest.
  • Small Lego kits – build something together!
  • Ping pong balls – place one on the table and form two teams. What team can blow it off the other team’s side the fastest? Don’t faint.
  • A special CD – dance in the living room!
  • An old pop can or oatmeal container – play a rousing game of Kick the Can in the back yard!
  • An assortment of items like toilet paper, trash bags, and tape – make your own silly outfits and host a fashion show!

Other helpful resources to have in a fun box could be a book of activities to help you never run out of ideas or to build a collection of family-focused magazines that are filled with great stuff to do as a family. I’ve heard the FamilyFun magazine is excellent (or look up FamilyFun magazine on Pinterest for fantastic free resources!). Here is a great book resource!

For any items you buy for your fun box, start with checking out sales or buy them online. Along with getting items at a cheaper, more affordable price, this can also spark some ideas of your own! I have noticed that some stores have specific final sale shelves for crafty, activity items. Check them out when you’re already out shopping!

I hope the idea of a fun box inspires you to create memorable moments in the lives of children. No matter what capacity it is that you are involved with children, you can have a huge positive impact on their lives just by being intentional about being in their lives and in the ways that you spend time with them. Fun memories last a lifetime!

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