Product Recommendation: Labor and Nursing Gown

Andrew and I planned on having a home birth, and I wanted something comfy and cute to wear! Now when it comes to having a baby, modesty seems relatively impossible! Call me crazy, but that part about having a baby made me a little nervous!! 🙂 I knew I would feel better if I could find something to wear during labor and delivery that covered my body, yet wouldn’t get in the way and would be easy to nurse in afterward too!

I found something that looked like a possibility on Amazon and put it on my baby registry. My mom purchased it and after bringing it home from a baby shower, I was determined to try it on but not wear it after that until the day I went into labor. That way it would stay clean and would be a special outfit to excitedly put on when “the day” arrived…But as I pulled it on, it was so comfy to my big, aching, pregnant body that I just couldn’t take it off! I proceeded to wear it many times before Oakley’s birth date!

The material of this nightie is super soft. The length and neckline is perfect to feel covered. And it is so So comfy! I got it in blue and did not get the robe that you can buy with it. I still excitedly put it on the day we had our little man even with wearing it several times before then ( 🙂 ), and it was great for every part of my labor! The buttoned flap is easy to take down and put back up. I nursed Oakley right after he was born, and it worked fantastically!

If you are looking for a night dress to wear during pregnancy, labor, or for nursing and post-pregnancy, this is it! Check it out on Amazon:

Zeta Ville Women’s Nursing Nightdress Robe Labour Hospital Gown


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